Horses + People: Who is Sweetwater Farms?

Before Sweetwater Farms Events began only a few years ago, the farm was a dream come true for owner Roberta Jackson. Growing a community based on family, friends and building lasting relationships between horses + people, Roberta and Sweetwater Farms have evolved into so much more than just a horse farm since its inception.

As a native San Diegan, Roberta established Sweetwater Farms in 1985 on the east side of Bonita, CA with her husband Dave and his sister. Since she was a child, it was this little girl’s dream to have her own farm after building a close relationship with her first horse, Nutmeg, a four year old quarter horse. This began the lifetime career of ‘horses + people’ for Roberta and the impact of building a community around them. The farm was a hub for Dressage Training, Horse Shows, Training, Camps and Lessons.

In 1992, Roberta moved Sweetwater Farms to where it is now, on Equitation Lane in Bonita. It was at this time, she realized just how important it was to continue her volunteering and fundraising support of Bonita Equestrian Therapy (BETh) since they started as well in 1985. The financial threat of having to close BETh’s doors weighed heavy on Roberta because she felt so passionately about the cause and the positive impact it had on the lives of so many people with disabilities. In 2002 she was asked to take on the management of the therapy horses and facility. In 2005 she officially took over the cause and she ran with it, providing financial support and countless volunteer hours to continue driving the positive impact between horses + people.

Since its inception in 1985, Sweetwater Farms and Roberta have shaped the lives of so many ‘horse crazy’ kids, providing not only services at the farm, but also a close community that she would never consider a job. To her it’s a lifestyle. One that will continue to curate the powerful relationship between horses + people.