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Riding School Lessons

Training I:     $420-$450/month
Six to eight lessons per month. Scheduling two a week is suggested.                                  

Training II:     $640-$695/month
Nine to twelve lessons per month. Scheduling three a week is suggested.

Single lesson:     $70-$75 each

4-lesson pre-pay:     $240-$260
The above lessons may be group or private depending on our schedule.

Horses 101:     $85.00
One hour private/two hour group introduction/evaluation lesson that includes a horsemanship lesson and amounted lesson.

Private Lesson:     $75.00 Limited availability (30 minutes)

Policy on missed lessons
We offer our training programschedule your full package during the month, the lessons revert to the $70.00 per lesson cost. A Training I student pays for a minimum of 6 lessons (6 x $70 = $420) and may take up to 2 more lessons at no additional cost if properly scheduled and weather permits. It is the student's responsibility to schedule lessons. You will not be biyour lessons. Payment is due at your first lesson each month. Rescheduling lessons may not be possible. In extenuating circumstances we will make every effort to reschedule for you, although we cannot guarantee that wereschedule the lesson.

Pony Time: $45 each, 4 lesson pre-pay $160

Training and Leases
Show Team/Full Training:     $600/month
This program is for the rider who owns or leases a horse. Our program consists of 5 to 6 units of work per week which may be any of the following: schooling of your horse, longeing, turn-out, schooling ride or a lesson for you on your horse. Horses are turned out daily. Blanketing service, holding for farrier, scheduling vet and farrier, feeding supplements are included services. Other full training programs are available.

Horse Lease annual fee: This annual fee is generally 25% of the price/value of the horse you choose and is collected at the start of your lease. In some cases, payments can be put towards the purchase of the horse. You will need to own your own saddle when you move-up to leasing. A saddle may be available for you to rent for a $50 monthly fee until you acquire one.

Full Lease monthly fees:     $1,200 (includes full training and board)                                                               Riders and horses receive the services listed under Show Team/Full Training and Boarding. You are responsible for routine shoeing, worming, routine vet calls and show fees just as if you owned the horse.

Partial Lease monthly fees:     $845 (inclusive)
Riders receive 3 lessons a week and have show privileges (no show day lease fees added). Your monthly fee includes all other routine care charges except for 1/2 charge of annual body clipping, show entry and show schooling fees.

Show Month Lease:     $150 added to your lesson package
This is a great program to jump start to the next level. Riders practice all month on the horse  their instructor helps them choose. Finally the day comes to show what you and your horse can do in the show ring! Show schooling and Show  Day Lease fees are included.          

Show Day Lease:     $50 per day
Rent one of our horses for the show.

Travel Show Fees:     inquire  

Prices subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to refuse our services.

Meet Us | Lessons and Training

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Barn: 619-252-5544, wait for message if no answer.

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