Riding Experiences

Sweetwater Farms Riding Academy

Established in 1985, Sweetwater Farms Riding Academy is known as one of the largest riding academies in Southern California, including a H/J lesson program and western riding. We are dedicated to personal attention and quality instruction.

Roberta Jackson - Sweetwater Farms

“We hope our lessons can offer you a FUN recreation that not only teaches you the skill of riding but also offers you great life lessons such as confidence in yourself, compassion, patience, and goal-oriented solutions. Being involved with horses is unlike any other activity or sport for young people. They are teamed with an animal of massive size and strength, which they learn to understand and respect. They learn to become a team. It’s the same with adults. There is no difference. The relationship between a horse and a rider is ageless. For example, I’ll see one of our adult ladies caring for her horse or beaming joyfully after completing her first jump, and I’ll see a happy little girl. Horses can bring out the kid in all of us. Not only are they fun, they are mindful teachers.”

~ Owner, Roberta Jackson

Academy Lessons… Customized to your individual needs!

Whether you are a brand new, casual, or goal-oriented rider, we have a program for you! Our lessons are for riders aged four years old to adult. Prices include using one of our wonderful horses or ponies, a saddle, and equipment. You will need boots with flat soles and low heels, a horseback riding ASTM helmet, and a starter groom kit.

Horses 101 Lessons

No-experience or Beginner Riders
The first step for no-experience or beginner riders is registering for one of our Horses 101 lessons. This is a great introduction to our program and a way for us to assess a new rider.

Evaluation Lessons

Seasoned Riders
The first step for seasoned riders is to book an Evaluation Lesson.

When you’re here for your Horses 101 lesson or Evaluation Lesson, we’ll meet with you to schedule the appropriate lesson packages to go forward.

Riding Academy enrollment is offered monthly and seasonally for Children and Adults. We offer a couple of different payment plans to help with family budgets.

Our junior riders go through the United States Pony Club badge program!

Our progressive programs create a clear path for knowledge and achievement.

The USPC Achievement Badge Program offers members at the unrated and D Levels a sense of achievement as they master skill requirements. The program offers ten badges in both horse management skills and riding skills.

Horse management badges:

Horse Parts
Health Care
Boots and Bandages Leading
Tack and Turnout Stable Management

Riding skill badges:

Mount + Dismount Balanced Seat Walk
Half Seat + Jumping Position Canter
Canter Leads
Riding in the Open

Pony Time Experience for riders 4 to 6 years of age

Pony Time is designed specifically for beginner children ages four to six as an introduction to general horsemanship. Throughout the program, your child will learn age-appropriate basic horsemanship, such as how to lead, groom, tack, horse anatomy, and safety. The riding portion is on a lead line at the walk with and without the saddle. Long pants, boots, and a starter groom kit. PTE is 30 minutes long. Some lessons may not include riding and are intended to improve overall horsemanship skills.

When we feel your little rider is physically ready and has demonstrated adequate horsemanship skills, they can advance to Little Pony Time Lessons, including independent riding off the lead line. Little Pony Time Lessons combine riding and horsemanship and are 90 minutes long.

Pony Time

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